Jeremy D. Rackley Explains Why Hiring a Marketing Firm Like JC Marketing Will Help Grow Your Brand Awareness

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a business, but many business owners don’t devote nearly as much time to it as they should. In addition, another misconception about marketing is that the purpose of it is solely to increase sales. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to Jeremy D. Rackley of Brooklyn, New York, a marketing expert and the co-founder and managing partner of JC Marketing, marketing can do much more than simply increase sales. For example, it can help grow your brand awareness, which is incredibly important to the overall reputation and success of your business. However, in order to use marketing to its full potential, it’s important to consult an expert.

Whether you simply don’t have the budget for an in-house marketing team or don’t have the time to give marketing the attention it deserves, hiring a marketing firm is the answer. Rackley provides a few key benefits of hiring a marketing firm like JC Marketing to help you grow your brand.

You’ll Gain Valuable Marketing Expertise

In addition, Jeremy D. Rackley asserts that marketing is an industry where keeping up with the latest trends is everything. However, doing so can be extremely time consuming for a business. This where a marketing firm can help. Their job is to be on top of all the latest marketing trends and technologies, so by hiring an expert, you can bet that you’ll receive innovative and cutting-edge marketing suggestions.

Keep in mind that marketing firms typically employ all types of marketing experts, from web designers to social media managers to content marketers, so by working with a marketing firm, you will get a whole team of experts in one package.

You’ll Get a Third-Party Perspective

In contrast, by hiring a marketing firm, you are guaranteed to receive an honest and unbiased, not to mention expert, opinion on your business. A marketing consultant won’t shy away from identifying your strengths and weaknesses and providing you with the necessary steps to improve. The expert provides a third-party perspective on your current marketing strategies that is based on their own experience, which stems from working on all kinds of different marketing campaigns. Ultimately, Jeremy D. Rackley says that this third-party perspective is extremely valuable if you really want to grow your brand.

You’ll Benefit from the Newest Technology

Marketing agencies have every possible tool imaginable, from email marketing platforms like MailChimp to social media management tools like Buffer and they know how to use them. Take advantage of the latest technology, without having to spend the time learning how to use each one.

Originally published at on November 19, 2020.

Jeremy D. Rackley of Brooklyn, New York, is the founder and managing partner of JC Marketing.