Marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a business, but many business owners don’t devote nearly as much time to it as they should. In addition, another misconception about marketing is that the purpose of it is solely to increase sales. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to Jeremy D. Rackley of Brooklyn, New York, a marketing expert and the co-founder and managing partner of JC Marketing, marketing can do much more than simply increase sales. For example, it can help grow your brand awareness, which is incredibly important to the overall reputation and success…

Knowing how to market your business is extremely important if you wish to be successful. In fact, sometimes marketing is what makes or breaks a business. That is why doing the necessary research and learning exactly what it takes to market your brand successfully is key.

As a marketing expert who spent over a decade working for Google and who now owns his own Brooklyn-based marketing firm, JC Marketing, Jeremy D. Rackley has a lot of experience with successfully marketing a brand. He outlines the top six things you need to know about marketing your brand.

Jeremy D. Rackley Shares the Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Successfully Marketing Your Brand

Know Your Audience


Jeremy D. Rackley Tips for Building a Successful Website

As almost everyone knows, not all websites are created equal. While building a website is a great first step for any new business, simply having an existing website isn’t enough. Instead, you need to know how to optimize it in a way that will drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and ultimately result in revenue.

Jeremy D. Rackley, the founder and managing partner of JC Marketing in Brooklyn is here to provide his expertise on the subject. He worked as a UX/Visual Designer at Google ( NewsAlert) for over 10 years, before opening up his own marketing firm focused…

Launching a business and being your own boss for the first time in your life is extremely challenging. While the whole process may also be very exciting, it is guaranteed to be overwhelming at times too. Knowing what lies ahead can help ease any nerves you might be feeling about starting your own business.

Jeremy D. Rackley of Brooklyn, New York, is an entrepreneur himself and founded his own marketing firm, JC Marketing. Through this experience, he has learned what the main challenges of launching a business are and provides some insight into them below.

The First Year Will Be Difficult

According to Jeremy D. Rackley…

Even in 2020, many businesses are still overlooking the importance of social media. As a business tool, the possibilities that social media provides are endless. However, you have to know how to use it to your advantage.

Head of JC Marketing, Jeremy D. Rackley, provides information on how to successfully manage your social media accounts. Whether this be how to time your posts when the majority of people are online or which hashtags to include to reach the widest audience, he is able to lend a hand to ensure your social media campaign hits its goal.

Jeremy D. Rackley Explains How to Manage Your Social Media Successfully

Focus on Visual Content

Launching a business is no easy task, but knowing what’s ahead of you will make the whole process a little less overwhelming.

Jeremy D. Rackley of Brooklyn, New York, is the founder and managing partner of JC Marketing. He founded JC Marketing after working at Google for over a decade. Now, he runs his own company that specializes in building quality websites for their clients. Mr. Rackley outlines the top five things you need to know about launching a business.

Pick the Right Team

JC Marketing Team

As an entrepreneur, building a team from scratch is an exciting but daunting task. After all…

Jeremy D. Rackley

Jeremy D. Rackley of Brooklyn, New York, is the founder and managing partner of JC Marketing.

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